5 Days to Go!

Hey everyone!!

I’ve gotten a little busy since starting school, it’s going well so far! I’ve also gotten a little busy preparing for the cruise. 5 more days left!! I’m all packed up and ready to go!

Today I purchased the last few things that I felt I’d need for the trip. (Removal cream, toothbrush, shower spongey thingy, etc. I’m not sure if I should review the cream?) but I anyway, I grabbed a couple of waterproof makeup products among a couple of other things, take a look:






(I’m making this post from my phone, so sorry for any wonky mistakes)

Wet n Wild Lipstick review

Before I go to bed, I wanted to also talk about these three wet n wild lipsticks I got!


From left to right…. 911D: Spotlight Red, 903c: Just Peachy, 918D: Cherry Bomb

Price: $1.99 each

Arm Swatch: Spotlight Red, Cherry Bomb, Just Peachy

IMAG0894b Spotlight Red: I like this color a lot, I think it suited me really well. I like that it was actually red and not some red-ish pink color. And it glided on so smooooothly.

IMAG0901b Just Peachy: I. Am. Not. A. Fan. This color looked bad on me! Like, wanna-be barbie bad. This particular lipstick itself seemed really dry also. It didn’t glide on as smoothly as the other two lipsticks. It was really matte. It irked me so much because it gave my lips this cracked/wrinkly look. I’ll probably end up mixing it with something else to avoid that (and to also darken the color).

IMAG0896b Cherry Bomb: Loved this color as well. It’s sexy! Again, glided on nice and smoothly.

I’ll say one thing though, taking these lipsticks off was a bitch. That can be a good and bad thing though haha. Good because it seems like it’ll be great for long wear. Bad because… well it stained and got all over my hands and tissue while I was trying to rub it off, it was annoying. Hahahaha. That’s my only complaint though. I really do love two of the three lipsticks! I may try out some more shades.