Fashion Don’ts

Hello ladies and gents.

I’ve been wanting to make this post for a while.

Some people are just totally clueless when it comes to fashion, and don’t realize what they’re wearing makes them look ridiculous. Of course, if you happen to do any of the fashion don’ts I’m about to list…. Well….*I* believe you should cut it out, but hey, at the end of the day you can wear whatever the fuck you want. You think people don’t give me stares and shit when they see me dressed “different”? I simply don’t care… but yeah, still- just know that if I saw you on the street or somewhere, you’d get a huge sideeye from me.

So, let me help you.

1. Sunglasses at night: Stop doing this! It’s stupid! They’re called SUNglasses for a reason. You just end up looking like a douche-bag. I remember I was going to a nightclub with this girl… She picked me up in her ride and when I got in,  I noticed she had on her sunglasses. I guess she thought she looked coool (SIKE)… Unfortunately she couldn’t even see shit while she was driving. We were even 20 mins late to the club because she read the exits or signs. Needless to say, I haven’t been out with her again (not unless the keys are in my hands)… I’d like to live another 20, 30 years, thanks.

2. Sagging pants: Disgusting. Nobody wants to see your undergarments and nobody wants to see your ass. You look plain ridiculous trying to walk and balance your pants at the same time. Can you even run? If a dude approached me with his pants under his ass I wouldn’t give him the time of day. Also, ladies, nobody wants to see your thong straps… Well, maybe some sleazeball dudes. Have fun with that. Hah, no- Put a damn belt on.

3. Wrong size: Just about anyone can pull off an “over-sized” or “baggy” look… if it’s done right. But not many can pull off wearing clothes that are too small. I hate how messy and bummy someone can look, walking out of the house with some huge top or bottom. What the hell were you thinking? And wearing something too small is even worse. If your clothes shrunk in the wash, give it up, give it away. You do want to be able to breathe, don’t you? So, how about trying on your clothes before buying them..

4. Chipped Nail polish: My mom always said to me, “Put it on, or take it off.” Because it’s not cute. If your nail polish is chipping, take that shit off and re-do it. It’s not edgy, or grungy, or whatever. It’s just tacky.

5. Mixing prints: Many people like this… I do not. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it works… But I rarely see it done to a point where I’m like, “Oh! I really like that! I need to try it!” For example, wearing a floral skirt with a striped top? What? What the hell are you doing with your life?

6. Dresses/skirts layered over denim/leggings: This is one of the ugliest trends I’ve ever seen. No one can pull this off (unless you’re like 5 years old!) I thought it died and I’d never have to witness it again after I graduated high school… Boy, was I wrong.

7. Panty lines: Skirt or pants that reveal the outline of your panties. Embarrassing! Put on a thong, and don’t give that, “They’re uncomfortable.” bullshit. This is what they’re made for, dammit!

8. Exposed bra: Sometimes this works, if it’s a really cute bra and it helps add flare to the outfit… but that’s rare. Make sure your bra straps and everything is covered.

9. Sock with Sandals: Take those fucking socks off! And that’s all I’m going to say!

10. Formal attire with sneakers: Sneakers aren’t formal. Fail! I remember a lot of fools doing this on prom night. No. Just, no. Some people just try waaaay too hard. Please wear the right shoes with formal attire, this isn’t cute or edgy. Just makes you look immature and goofy.