Nails: SINFUL COLORS Professional- Gorgeous & This is it!



I got these new nail polishes yesterday. I figured I’d try something different when I picked up the Blue shade… I kind of wish I hadn’t. I’m not really feeling it.. And if you’re curious about the pattern/dent like marks in the nail polish- That’s what happens when I fall asleep without letting them dry all the way :( hahaha, so yeah, totally didn’t help this colors case.

I just took it off and replaced it with the Golden color, both my hands and feet currently sport the right look. And I like it soooo much better!

Oh yeah, and in case you haven’t noticed, both of my thumb nails broke off hahaha. Well, the right hand I had no choice but to cut (it chipped along the sides, it was going to break eventually.. and it was going to be painful). The left side I broke while drunkenly trying to put on my shoe. Big fail. They’re growing back pretty quickly already though haha.


The nail polishes: What do you think? Which do you like better?

Nails: MILANI – Tropical Fiesta


This is Milani- Tropical Fiesta nail polish. I feel so-so about this color. It’s pretty… Bright. I bough this polish awhile ago when it was on sale (sorry I can’t remember the price), but found it difficult and annoying to apply. So, I just so happen to put it on successfully tonight! The nail polish comes out thick, but it spreads thin (so you have to keep reapplying, and risk applying too much causing it to look overly layered/thick). Anyway, like I said: It’s so-so. What do you guys think of it?