5 Days to Go!

Hey everyone!!

I’ve gotten a little busy since starting school, it’s going well so far! I’ve also gotten a little busy preparing for the cruise. 5 more days left!! I’m all packed up and ready to go!

Today I purchased the last few things that I felt I’d need for the trip. (Removal cream, toothbrush, shower spongey thingy, etc. I’m not sure if I should review the cream?) but I anyway, I grabbed a couple of waterproof makeup products among a couple of other things, take a look:






(I’m making this post from my phone, so sorry for any wonky mistakes)

Eye lashes galore!

Sorry, no circle lens pictures just yet, but be on the look out for them!

Instead, I have these eyelashes to show!



I got them each from eBay.

$.99 – 1.69(the price varies for each lash style)+free shipping for 1 box of 10 false lashes.

Seems legit!


You can search eBay yourself for some false lashes like these and find similar deals, but here is the seller that I purchased from:




I also have these that IĀ purchasedĀ from forever 21 a few weeks ago (I believe it might’ve been about $3.50). It also came with its own tube of glue.