First Impressions: Iman BB Cream


“Not worth the price.”

I’ve been wanting to try this out since I heard it was being formulated late last year. When it finally hit shelves, I couldn’t find it in any of the local stores around my neighborhood, and I didn’t want to order online. I went into Wal-Mart yesterday, and low and behold: BAM! It was there.

So I finally got a hold of some of Iman’s BB Cream!  A BB cream for women of color!? Fuck yeah!

Price: $20

Shade: Clay Medium (I almost got Clay Medium Deep)

Unfortunately… I’m  not very impressed by it so far, especially not to have spent 20 bucks on it. Eeeh..


Before: Soo, me without makeup. Hella pale, skin imperfections, puffy under eyes

After: Brightened and more evened skintone, not much coverage, made skin shinier, made puffy under eyes even more visible -__- (and I filled in my eyebrows, I had to. Lol)

Well, these are just my first impressions. I just don’t feel like it makes much of a difference… and for it to make my skin shiny is just, urggh.. Not good. I already have oily skin, so that’s the last thing I need.

I suppose it would be fine to wear if I’m just running out to the store, doing errands. I guess it does look nice for a “Fresh face” kinda look. Granted my skin already feels smooth, this BB cream still makes it feel nice. And I can’t “feel” it sitting on my skin (where as some foundations are heavy and you know it’s there). So that is all a plus.

This is what my full face of makeup would usually consist of:

BB Cream



Setting Powder

Eyebrow pencil

Liquid Liner

Eye shadow

Mascara or False Lashes



(Circle lenses? Does that count hahaha)



IMAG0436b IMAG0435b

                                                                                                             (different lighting)

And here I’m only wearing:

Iman’s BB cream


Setting Powder (I just can’t with the shininess!! Dx)

Eyebrow pencil


So, I’m going to keep it on all day/night. I’ll report back later to let you all know how this BB holds up. I’ll even workout in it haha. Maybe I’ll like it better when I use it more often. It’s suppose to improve my overall skintone over time (days, weeks, months), so I’ll be watching out for that too.

Again, these are just my first impressions.


Show n’ Tell 1


I picked up a few goodies today. I’ve been wanting to try that Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick since I saw the commercials. And the other two buys were just.. impulse buys haha. They are Moroccan Argan Oil Lotion and Revlons Nearly Naked Foundation. Reviews coming soon.

Outfit of the Night: 4/16/2013


Tonight I was invited to see my friend perform with her band, Perfect High Fives Every Time. I guess their sound is like, Experimental Pop.

I posted a link to the whole event for anyone in Atlanta, Georgia that might have been interested in the free show. So like my Facebook page: for future events (and to hang out with me! hahaha)

This is the outfit I wore…





Wet n Wild Lipstick review

Before I go to bed, I wanted to also talk about these three wet n wild lipsticks I got!


From left to right…. 911D: Spotlight Red, 903c: Just Peachy, 918D: Cherry Bomb

Price: $1.99 each

Arm Swatch: Spotlight Red, Cherry Bomb, Just Peachy

IMAG0894b Spotlight Red: I like this color a lot, I think it suited me really well. I like that it was actually red and not some red-ish pink color. And it glided on so smooooothly.

IMAG0901b Just Peachy: I. Am. Not. A. Fan. This color looked bad on me! Like, wanna-be barbie bad. This particular lipstick itself seemed really dry also. It didn’t glide on as smoothly as the other two lipsticks. It was really matte. It irked me so much because it gave my lips this cracked/wrinkly look. I’ll probably end up mixing it with something else to avoid that (and to also darken the color).

IMAG0896b Cherry Bomb: Loved this color as well. It’s sexy! Again, glided on nice and smoothly.

I’ll say one thing though, taking these lipsticks off was a bitch. That can be a good and bad thing though haha. Good because it seems like it’ll be great for long wear. Bad because… well it stained and got all over my hands and tissue while I was trying to rub it off, it was annoying. Hahahaha. That’s my only complaint though. I really do love two of the three lipsticks! I may try out some more shades.