Bring on the Pain!


Let’s talk fitness!

Summer is nearing and I’m sure many are working hard for their ideal swimsuit bodies!

I know I am.

Aside from the “Squats Challenge”  (added 10lb dumbbells because my body had gotten use to regular squats, heh) I started this month, I’ve also been running on my treadmill 15-20 mins a day, and…. I’ve started the Insanity Workout on Monday (04/08/2013). I’m 4 days in now, and my body is really hating me. My calves are sore, thighs are sore, arms are sore, shoulders, even my back! I would be content with just lying in bed all day lol. At least the Squats Challenge gives rest days!

Whenever the topic of working out comes up with a friend or whoever, I always hear the same bullshit: “But you’re already skinny, you don’t need to blahblahblah…” 


I don’t want to just be skinny, and just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean that they’re healthy! Oh man, and don’t even let me mention anything about wanting to gain a few lbs…

I actually want to be more toned, get a little more muscle (, and I’d like to be on the thick/curvy side lool). Only in my stomach (Abs!) and lower body  though. I pretty much refuse to work out my arms. My arms have always been toned for as long as I can remember. I’m pretty sure I can find toddler pictures, and you’ll see that my arms have some kind of definition…. -_- I’m not even joking!  Whenever I wore a tank top or something, of course a friend or family member would comment. Not necessarily insulting but… eh, I just didn’t like the attention.
So, I use to be self conscious about it, but I don’t care as much any more… I just don’t work them out. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a woman having muscular arms, I personally just want mine to appear more feminine haha. The only thing I have to figure out, I guess is… How can I build strength in my arms without building muscle?

So far I was told to lift heavier weights and do less reps. e__e I’m just like, err… I don’t know… We’ll see. I’ll have to look into it more myself, but tips are of course welcome.

Back to the Insanity workout. Insanity is basically an intense workout created by fitness trainer, Shaun T. It’s supposed to last 2 months, and you can see here: what the workout schedule looks like. I’m pretty sure you can buy it anywhere online like amazon or ebay, or even at a nearby Target store. Or, you can gothetorrentingroute .

When it comes to actual dieting…. I’m not on one, haha! I mean, I eat healthy in general already. Chicken and fish, are usually baked (I rarely eat fried foods), salads, boiled eggs, or tuna from a can is usually what my lunch is like. I drink helllllaaaa water. I like vegetables and fruit. I don’t drink soda, don’t drink milk, and I don’t eat at fast food joints. Occasionally I will pig out on chips, pizza, ice cream, etc. and I still drink alcohol occasionally. But… yeah, for the most part I feel like I eat healthy enough and I personally don’t want to really get mixed up with dieting and being that strict on myself.

Anyway, I took a couple of photos. Although they were taken like, a day apart (C’mon, I wouldn’t have changed within a day), I’m just going to consider them both my “DAY 1” pictures (eventually will be my “before” photos). I think everyone should take pictures to show how much they progress. It’s fun and interesting to see and it can be inspirational to other people. And in the end, I think it’ll just make you feel good to see how hard you worked towards your goal. I haven’t decided on how often I will take photos, perhaps once a week or every two weeks. Update 04/14/2013: Scratch what I said about taking a photo every one/two weeks. I was told you won’t see your results if you take photos too often, so taking them every 31 days is best.


One of the left was taken on the 7th one of the right on the 8th.

So yeah, pretty normal. If I tighten my muscles they will show through a little as you can see, but I want to be able to just stand around naturally and my abs show through on their own. So, hopefully I’ll see some results when I’m finally finished with all of this.

And Hey! Whether you’re plus size or thin, don’t let anyone discourage you from getting the body that you want. So long as you’re being healthy about it, fuck everyone else’s opinion. It’s your body, and the only one that has to like it is you.

So, keep on and work your ass off~

Now, tell me about your fitness goals, share your stories, share tips: I’d love to hear. :)


April 2013 Squat Challenege

I have a confession….


I didn’t complete the Squat Challenge I set for myself! Hahaha!

I could give you a few reasons as to why I didn’t (lazy, consumed by school) but, one reason NOT being because it was hard. Like I said, I just fell off of my routine. I got about halfway through.

With April quickly approaching I set out to find a new challenge and this time I’m determined to stick to it! And I’ll take before and afters to see if there is any change.

I’m going to post two calendar versions by the way. The first is definitely more hardcore (I’m going to do this one), but for those who want something that starts off a little easier, I went and put one together (because I couldn’t find anything anywhere!) Same rules apply!


So here they are, whose with me!?


Hardcore version:



Normal version:



Save. Print. Post up on your wall!

We can do this! :D


EyeCandy’s Circle Lens Review


Hey you guys!


So if you remember this post and the tips I gave here:

You’ll remember that I purchased some circle lenses not long ago. Well, I finally got around to taking a few pictures. I still have a sucky camera unfortunately. :( I tried to hold off until I got another but, oh well. Hopefully these photos will do for now. I took them all at different times/on different days.


~*Some more quick tips I want to give: Sometimes the circle lenses might feel weird if you’re new to them or if there happens to be hair/particle on it. Don’t let that cause you to think there is something wrong with the lens itself.

1. Rinse it with the solution to make sure there is nothing on it.

2. Make sure they aren’t inside out!!

I just wanted to mention this because I have dogs and kept getting tiny stray floating hairs over them and it really pissed me off and my lenses had flipped inside out and were causing discomfort initially.*~


Anyway, on to the review!!!!

First we have my eyes without any lenses:


My eyes are a dark brown, so I’m always worried about lighter lenses not showing well.

1. The Geo Magic Black



Price: $24.38

Comfort: 5/5

My Thoughts: These make my eyes look huge hahaha, very baby dollish like. Though, my mom said it looked more like I was possessed! I like them though, I plan to wear them more when I’m going for a sweeter/cute look.

2. Royal Vision Pinky Brown



Price: $29.60

Comfort: 5/5

My Thoughts: I felt like these didn’t really show up on my eyes as well as I thought they would. I mean if you look at the photos on the website versus how they look on me… Hahah, riiiight. Then again, you have to consider my shit camera too. They do look better in person. It’s not like I don’t like them, because I really do. I think they look very natural.


3. GEO Tri-Color World Gray



Price: $29.60

Comfort: 5/5

My Thoughts: These are honestly my favorite. I was surprised they showed up this well. I think the flash on my camera made them look brighter than they actually are. In person they don’t make my eyes appear THAT light, at least to me they don’t. I just love these so much. I feel like they also look pretty natural. I’m considering buying the whole GEO Tri-Color World series! You can see what those look like here:



And so that’s all!! You’ll see more and better pictures of these of course, I love these lenses and have no problem wearing them on a regular basis (like to school or clubbing, wherever I choose). And to others than plan to wear them on a daily basis, don’t wear them over 8 hours. You can get away with 9/10 but seriously, don’t push it unless you want to screw up your eyes. And absolutely DO NOT go to sleep in them.

That’s it~ Later!