Shades of Foundation

These days, there are many different foundation shades to match our various beautiful skintones. Although you may have a foundation that matches your tone, I think it’s still beneficial to have very light shades and very dark shades in your collection.

1. You can mix shades to create new ones (Shades to better match your true skintone)

2. You can use darker shades for contouring points of your face

3. You can use lighter shades for highlighting points of your face.

4. You get darker in the summer and lighter in the winter, so your shade may change a little- meaning your original foundation isn’t going to match you all year long. (Unless you live somewhere, where the weather is consistent all year)

I’ve have a small collection of different foundation brands (at least compared to others!), about 12+


Here’s a photo of (some) the range of shades that I have.


Here I ran my finger down the middle so you can see how mixing the shades can create a new one:


Looks like between 4 and 5 would match my arm the best, huh?


I know how difficult it is finding the right foundation. But the next time you accidentally buy a foundation that is a couple shades too light or too dark, don’t get upset, throw it out, or give it away. Add it into your collection because you can definitely still use it!

Nails: Galaxy Nails + Tutorial


Heeey everyone!
Back and with some pretty nail designs!

Also, as you can see I cut my nails short.. 05/02/2013- The date in case anyone is interested in seeing how fast they grow back. :P 2-927FEF34-659347-800

You’ll need:

1. An assortment of nail polishes. The basic ones for this design are: Black, Blue, Purple, White, Yellow, and Pink (but you can get creative and use other colors too). Plus, a clear sparkle polish to top it off.


2. Makeup Sponge, cut into smaller pieces.

3. Tweezers (these are optional)- used to pick up and use the sponge pieces, but you can just as easily use your hand.

4. Nail polish remover + A Q-tip or cotton balls/toothpick combination- clean up around the edges of you nails as needed.

5. Paper (Also optional)- Used to put your nail polish palette onto, but you can just as easily just swipe the brush onto the sponge.


Here are some of the tutorials that helped me get an idea of what to do:

A little peak into my process:

Using black as my base, dark blue or purple is a good substitute:


First polish to go on is white, it’s best to start with the lightest color then work your way to the darkest:1367710813005

Done with polishing, time to clean around the edges:

The final look after clean up and top coat: 913671_533882093345579_641802815_o

The picture really doesn’t do them justice, I think they look even cooler in person.
Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this.

Please share pictures here if you decide to try this out! I’ll share them on the FB page!

Wet n Wild Lipstick review

Before I go to bed, I wanted to also talk about these three wet n wild lipsticks I got!


From left to right…. 911D: Spotlight Red, 903c: Just Peachy, 918D: Cherry Bomb

Price: $1.99 each

Arm Swatch: Spotlight Red, Cherry Bomb, Just Peachy

IMAG0894b Spotlight Red: I like this color a lot, I think it suited me really well. I like that it was actually red and not some red-ish pink color. And it glided on so smooooothly.

IMAG0901b Just Peachy: I. Am. Not. A. Fan. This color looked bad on me! Like, wanna-be barbie bad. This particular lipstick itself seemed really dry also. It didn’t glide on as smoothly as the other two lipsticks. It was really matte. It irked me so much because it gave my lips this cracked/wrinkly look. I’ll probably end up mixing it with something else to avoid that (and to also darken the color).

IMAG0896b Cherry Bomb: Loved this color as well. It’s sexy! Again, glided on nice and smoothly.

I’ll say one thing though, taking these lipsticks off was a bitch. That can be a good and bad thing though haha. Good because it seems like it’ll be great for long wear. Bad because… well it stained and got all over my hands and tissue while I was trying to rub it off, it was annoying. Hahahaha. That’s my only complaint though. I really do love two of the three lipsticks! I may try out some more shades.