22 Piece Coastal Scents Brush Set


I purchased this 22 Piece Brush set over from Coastal Scents a couple weeks ago.

This is my first brush set ever, so honestly, I had no idea what half of these brushes were even for! Hahaha!
It was very overwhelming because there were so many, but after doing some research and testing them all out, I’m here to briefly tell you what each brush could be used for and whether I like this set or not




1. Large Fan brush – Setting/Finishing Powder, highlighting, sweeping off excess powder

2. Powder Buffer – Foundation, blush

3. Round Buffer – Powder, Blush

4. Angle Blush – Contouring, Blush

5. Flat Buffer – Blush

6. Foundation – Foundation (duuuurrr :B)

7. Concealer – Concealer (Funny thing, I was totally using this for my eyeshadow at first lmao… Fail!)

8. Large Shadow – eyeshadow

9. Blender – blending out eyeshadows, crease, etc

10. Doe Foot Blender – blending

11. Dome Shadow – eyeshadow

12. Dome Blender – blending

13. Medium Shadow – eyeshadow

14. Detail Shadow – eyeshadow

15. Lip – Lipsss

16. Detail Concealer – Concealer, highlighting

17. Pointed Blender – eyeshadow/crease

18. Brow – eyebrows

19. Smudger Sponge – blending

20. Large Liner/Brow – eyeliner, eyebrow

21. Medium Liner/ Brow – eyeliner, eyebrows

22. Small Liner/ Brow – eyeliner, eyebrows

Obviously, some of these brushes are pretty self explanatory  and some look/feel the same or are just a smaller versions of a bigger brush, so no need to freak out like I initially did.

Upon first opening the package, the brushes (it might have been the leather case, or both) have an odd smell. Honestly, it didn’t bother me. It’s like that new car smell, or new shoe smell….
Only these are brushes, Haha, so.. yeah. I don’t know, it made me really happy and excited though! (New brushes,  HELLOOOOO!)

On the website, you can see what each brush is made of. Some are either synthetic, nylon, fiber, or pony hair (not including the sponge brush… that’s made of rubber apparently). But they are all very soft.

So far I haven’t experienced any shedding from these, even after washing the brushes that I’ve used, so that’s also a good thing.

I’m not sure what else I could possibly say about a bunch of brushes, I think the only way to fully see how well they work is to watch the different makeup looks that I create with them (or to use them yourself :3)!

Price: $34.95

Would I recommend? Absolutely! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, I think these brushes would benefit anyone. The price is especially nice for such quality brushes.

Where to buy: http://www.coastalscents.com/