April 2013 Squat Challenege

I have a confession….


I didn’t complete the Squat Challenge I set for myself! Hahaha!

I could give you a few reasons as to why I didn’t (lazy, consumed by school) but, one reason NOT being because it was hard. Like I said, I just fell off of my routine. I got about halfway through.

With April quickly approaching I set out to find a new challenge and this time I’m determined to stick to it! And I’ll take before and afters to see if there is any change.

I’m going to post two calendar versions by the way. The first is definitely more hardcore (I’m going to do this one), but for those who want something that starts off a little easier, I went and put one together (because I couldn’t find anything anywhere!) Same rules apply!


So here they are, whose with me!?


Hardcore version:



Normal version:



Save. Print. Post up on your wall!

We can do this! :D