EyeCandy’s Circle Lens Review


Hey you guys!


So if you remember this post and the tips I gave here: https://vivalabitch.wordpress.com/2013/03/

You’ll remember that I purchased some circle lenses not long ago. Well, I finally got around to taking a few pictures. I still have a sucky camera unfortunately. :( I tried to hold off until I got another but, oh well. Hopefully these photos will do for now. I took them all at different times/on different days.


~*Some more quick tips I want to give: Sometimes the circle lenses might feel weird if you’re new to them or if there happens to be hair/particle on it. Don’t let that cause you to think there is something wrong with the lens itself.

1. Rinse it with the solution to make sure there is nothing on it.

2. Make sure they aren’t inside out!!

I just wanted to mention this because I have dogs and kept getting tiny stray floating hairs over them and it really pissed me off and my lenses had flipped inside out and were causing discomfort initially.*~


Anyway, on to the review!!!!

First we have my eyes without any lenses:


My eyes are a dark brown, so I’m always worried about lighter lenses not showing well.

1. The Geo Magic Black


Purchase: http://www.eyecandys.com/geo-magic-black/

Price: $24.38

Comfort: 5/5

My Thoughts: These make my eyes look huge hahaha, very baby dollish like. Though, my mom said it looked more like I was possessed! I like them though, I plan to wear them more when I’m going for a sweeter/cute look.

2. Royal Vision Pinky Brown


Purchase: http://www.eyecandys.com/royal-vision-pinky-color-brown/

Price: $29.60

Comfort: 5/5

My Thoughts: I felt like these didn’t really show up on my eyes as well as I thought they would. I mean if you look at the photos on the website versus how they look on me… Hahah, riiiight. Then again, you have to consider my shit camera too. They do look better in person. It’s not like I don’t like them, because I really do. I think they look very natural.


3. GEO Tri-Color World Gray


Purchase: http://www.eyecandys.com/geo-tri-color-world-gray/

Price: $29.60

Comfort: 5/5

My Thoughts: These are honestly my favorite. I was surprised they showed up this well. I think the flash on my camera made them look brighter than they actually are. In person they don’t make my eyes appear THAT light, at least to me they don’t. I just love these so much. I feel like they also look pretty natural. I’m considering buying the whole GEO Tri-Color World series! You can see what those look like here: http://www.eyecandys.com/tri-color-world-series-14-0mm/



And so that’s all!! You’ll see more and better pictures of these of course, I love these lenses and have no problem wearing them on a regular basis (like to school or clubbing, wherever I choose). And to others than plan to wear them on a daily basis, don’t wear them over 8 hours. You can get away with 9/10 but seriously, don’t push it unless you want to screw up your eyes. And absolutely DO NOT go to sleep in them.

That’s it~ Later!

Eye lashes galore!

Sorry, no circle lens pictures just yet, but be on the look out for them!

Instead, I have these eyelashes to show!



I got them each from eBay.

$.99 – 1.69(the price varies for each lash style)+free shipping for 1 box of 10 false lashes.

Seems legit!


You can search eBay yourself for some false lashes like these and find similar deals, but here is the seller that I purchased from:




I also have these that I purchased from forever 21 a few weeks ago (I believe it might’ve been about $3.50). It also came with its own tube of glue.


New Circle Lenses + Tips!!

My circle lenses finally came!


I purchased mine from http://www.eyecandys.com

But before I can wear them, there a few things I need to do…

1. Check to make sure they are authentic.
Go to this link http://www.eyecandys.com/authenticity-safety/ on the eyecandys website and it’ll tell you a number of ways to check for fake lenses.

If you purchased GEO lenses, there should be a code on the bottom of both of your capsules.
Scratch the sticker to reveal the code and go to the GEO Authenticating website (geo.fw1860.com). Enter your code there to make sure they’re real!


If you get this screen:


You are good to go!!!

If you purchased a brand that doesn’t have an authenticating website and code like GEO does, then just be smart about it.
For example, all circle lenses should read “Made in Korea” or if you put them on and they don’t feel comfortable: TAKE THEM OUT IMMEDIATELY!!


2. Go wash your hands. You must ALWAYS have clean hands when you handle your lenses.


3. Put your lens in it’s case and soak your lens (not with the liquid in the bottle) with your contacts solution.
You have to let them soak for at least 6 hours, but I’m going to let mine just sit over night.

So, until tomorrow~! <3


(For further details about caring for your lens, go here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6cJ4zsWHdHtUzI4VThBOHFuQWc/edit?pli=1)