About the Author:

The name is Samiah (sah-ME-yah), I’m also known and Mia, Pete, and Yee among different social networks and communities.. I’m 22 years old, born September 15th (virgo) and raised in Atlanta, GA. I’m not an expert makeup artist and I don’t consider myself some kind of fashion guru. I’m learning new things about makeup all the time and when it comes to attire: I simply know how I’d like to dress and I don’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks about it. I live with my dad and two dogs (Charlie and Bubbles). I’ve seen a lot of movies, My favorite food is lasagna, pho, and fries, and I have an ever growing music collection (and always looking for new good music to add to it!).  Whatever else I haven’t mentioned, I’m sure you’ll learn about through this blog.


About the Blog:

Viva La Bitch started on blogspot/blogger when I was just a teenager in high school, originally used to complain about my life, friends, and family. Now here on wordpress, it has evolved into something much  more than that (at least to me it has). I’m hoping to provide readers with knowledge about makeup and fashion, as well as inspiration to create looks of their own and have the confidence to flaunt those looks!

……I’ll also still be complaining about my life every once in awhile. Heehee. ;)

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