Cruisin’: Upbeat Kpop Tunes


I really looooove driving.

Now that I have a car, I get to ride around Georgia with my top down, blasting music hahaha. Of course, I like to have different playlists to go with how I’m feeling (or dressed- is that weird? lol) When it’s laaate at night, and the highways are empty I like to listen to really chill/slow/dream type music(-Perhaps I’ll add a playlist for that later) and just cruise along the long roads, or if I’m getting ready to go to a rave I like to listen to electronic/dubstep/house/techno, you get the picture?

Today, I’m going to share a Kpop (Korean Pop music) playlist I put together, futuring upbeat songs that I can sing and dance along to on these warm and sunny days!

They are in no particular order, and I am of course open to recommendations (Though, if I didn’t add it to this list in the first place, it’s likely I don’t care for the song much, haha- I’m really not into the super cutesy shit… Or, I forgot to add it. :P)

(Also, brace yourself! The list is kinda long haha, 30 songs)

1. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Lee Hyo Ri

2. Sam – Zico

3. The Boys – Girls’ Generation

4. Change – Hyuna

5.One of a Kind – GD (G-DRAGON)

6. Crayon – GD (G-DRAGON)

7. Juliette – SHINee

8. Run Devil Dun – Girls’ Generation

9. Turn it Up – T.O.P

10. Bbi Ri Bba Bba (삐리빠빠) – Narsha

11. Sorry Sorry – Super Junior

12. I AM THE BEST – 2NE1

13. Lucifer – SHINee

14. Electric Shock – FX

15. Mr. Simple – Super Junior

16. Hot Issue – 4Minute

17. Light it Up – GD (G-DRAGON) ft. Tabloo, DOK2

18. Knockout – GD (G-DRAGON) and T.O.P

19. Bingeul Bingeul – U-Kiss

20. Chocolate Love – Girls’ Generation

21. Lupin- Kara

22. Venus- Shinhwa

23. Oh Yeah- MBLAQ

24. Can’t Nobody (ENG ver.) – 2NE1

25. Shock- B2st (Beast)

26. Electric Heart – SHINee

27. Ayo – SHINee

28. Attention – Zico

29. Release – Zico

30. Love & Hate – Clazzi

And that’s it!
Again, do share some of your own faves!

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