Spa Day: Feet Make-over

So I had a long day at school… I had a long day in general (I started the Insanity workout today, I’ll make a post about it tomorrow!).

I just got home, worked out, and I just want to relax and unwind now. After I took off my shoes and socks, I couldn’t help but notice how un-cute I’ve let my toes get, LOL. I mean, I just did my nails last night, I could at least hook my feet up to match! Plus it’s Spring now. The weather is nice and warm, I can break out my open-toe shoes!

Now, I’m one of those people who just have ugly feet (I’m not perfect, okay? lol). -_- And if you have ugly feet too, we can’t have ugly feet and on top of that not take care of them. That’s just asking for monstrous toes, and we really don’t want that, haha. Anyway, if you want to relax while also prettifying your feet, get your tools and soaps, salts, scrubs, and polishes together so we can get them looking decent again!!

I’m no pedicure expert, I’m just using what I have and what I know will get my feet soft and smooth again. If you happen to have extra things you want to use (or tips), that’s cool! Do share in the comments sections. This is just what I’m going to be using. :)

What you will need (but are not limited to):
1. Tools: Scrubby Brush, Nail Filer, Nail Clippers, Pick (was originally an art tool of mine >_> Whatevs, lol). You can also use your finger nails to rub and scratch off dead skin.


2. Tupperware/Bowl: to soak feet in warm/hot water (If you don’t want to go the bowl route, you can also do all of this just as easily in your bathtub!)


3. Towel(s): I think it’s better to put one towel under the bowl to avoid a mess and have one set to the side to dry your feet off when you’re done)


4. Soap, Salt (or Sugar), and St. Ives Apricot Scrub: which I will be using to wash and exfoliate my feet


5. Lotion or Oils (olive oil, coconut oil, baby oil, etc)


6. Nail polish and Nail Polish Remover: Hmmmm… Which to choose?


The Process:
1. Before we get started, remove any nail polish you might have on your toes.

2. Alright, dump some salt or sugar in the bowl and fill it up with some warm water. (Be careful not to put so much water in that it over flows when you place your feet in it), then set your towel and bowl down where ever you plan on lounging. Enjoy a good movie, surf the net, take a short nap, or watch a show you might’ve missed. I’m about to watch Game of Thrones hahaha. Just let your feet soak for at least 25 minutes, the longer the better. Wiggling your feet a bit and squishing your toes around to rub against the salt or sugar is good too.

3. Take one foot out, scrub, scratch, pick and wash (with you bath salts, soaps, exfoliants, and such) away the dead skin and dirt. Make sure you get all around the nail bed! Switch feet (allow the other foot to re-soak) and repeat. Then repeat again. I’ll prob do this about 3 times for both my feet.


*hides toes*

4. When your feet are nice and clean again (you may need to rinse them off in the tub), dry them off and clip/file/shape/buff your toe nails. I’m going to make mine as even as possible. Short and rounded.

5. Then, slather them with oils/lotion and massage your feet! Let it sit on your toes, soak into your skin. Putting on thick socks afterwards is also good for letting the lotion soften your skin.

6. You may need to wipe away any excess lotion or oils from your toe nails. (Your towel, tissue, or paper towel should do) Then Polish your nails!

7. CLEAN UP! Lol. And you’re done. :D

I think it would best to do this once every week or every other week. At least make sure you keep your feet well moisturized.


I debated for a minute on whether I should show before and after pictures LOL. But hey, I’m only human, so fuck it I say! It was winter and nobody was seeing my feet, so I didn’t really do shit to them during that time, and I let myself go. Okay!? Okay! Gooooossh.

And sooo……



>_> shameful.


:3 Much better. Lol.

The nail polish is: Ruby Kisses- Red Cameo

Well, that was nice and fun…. My feet are still ugly LOL, but they look better. At least to me they do. :P My mom says my feet look like fists lmao! Aaaah, I can’t help but laugh at myself. Sorry if I scared you all with my hand feet!! But, hopefully you took something from this, at least? Hahahahah!

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