Squats Challenge

Has anyone heard of or tried to do the “Squats Challenge”? If you want a firm butt and thighs you might be interested in this! I believe they started popping up over on Tumblr first, but earlier this month I was presented with the challenge by a friend. I didn’t actually start it until the 21st. (You’re supposed to start it at the beginning of a month and it ends on the last day of the month.)

So, I ended up just making my own calendar. I’m still just doing 28 days (as if it were February).


Click for larger view.

As you can see, I’ve just completed day 27 (or day 7 of the challenge)…. and my legs are killing me!! My thighs are really sore. This challenge is no joke, man! I’m hoping to see some good results though. I’ve taken a “before” shot hahaha, but I won’t post before and afters until after I’ve completed the whole challenge.

I’m going to take a break for the rest of march after this, then start a new “Squats Challenege” on the first of April, will you do it with me? :D


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